Sri Anthology III: Short Fiction and Nonfiction

In this third collection of short stories,

we have both fiction and nonfiction!

Can you guess which is which?

A Letter to Mr. Nobody — Jo Lim

Still Wanderings — Manali Pattnaik

Voting for Earth — May Han Thong

Beyond the Mountain — Lingzhi Li

Shrey’s Corner — Yen-Kheng Lim

Heroes in Plain Sight — Neha G

Sisterhood — Elena M

Aliens Cleansing — Jan Thong

Jalan Kayu Primary School — Rajesh R Parwani

The Glory of Death — May Han Thong

High Fever — Rajesh R Parwani

Published by SRI Books Singapore 2021. 100 pages. ISBN: 9798721649837

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