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Listed below are books published by the Simplicity Research Institute (SRI),

and those by its imprint, SRI Books. Click on a book's link for details and a preview.

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Art and Literature:


  1. Simplicity in Complexity An introduction to Complex Systems

  2. Physics: Volume One, Classical Foundations A concise guide for enthusiasts

  3. Viral Shapeshifters: Strange Behaviors of HIV and Other Viruses

  4. Essentials of Thermodynamics


  1. Real World Mathematics A resource for learners and educators

  2. Integrated Mathematics for Explorers A text for students and explorers

  3. Solutions Manual: Integrated Mathematics for Explorers Accompaniment to No.2

  4. Solutions Manual: Real World Mathematics Accompaniment to No.1

  5. Handbook of Mathematics: For Students and Explorers (2nd Ed.) A reference

  6. School Mathematics Series Concise guide books

  7. Mathematical Escapades For adventurers

Book projects and tentative release dates:

  1. Heuristics in Physics: 2025

  2. Yoga: 2027

  3. Life, the Universe, and Everything: Dec 2030

  4. Escapades of a Theoretical Physicist: Dec 2035