SRI Publications

The publications division of SRI, together with its imprint SRI Books, offers interested parties various options for publishing their work as a p-book (the usual kind) or as an e-book:

    1. Publishing: You write, we do the rest:
      We act as a traditional publisher for the work that you author, either on a royalty-based scheme, a fixed payment to you, or a combination of both. We bear all the production costs.

    2. Co-publishing: We co-publish content with you, sharing the production effort and costs.

    3. Assisted publishing*: You pay for the production costs. Book will appear under the SRI Books imprint.

    4. Self-publishing*: We provide assistance for you to publish your work under your own name or imprint.

    5. Consultancy*: We provide support or advice for you to produce and sell your book.

Options include:

            • Book layout

            • Cover design

            • Line and Copy editing

            • Proof reading

            • ISBN application and barcode generation

            • E-book creation and distribution

            • Creation of book preview document for publicity

            • Placement of books on Amazon, Google Play, our SRI Bookstore,

            • and other sites and stores.

            • Social Media Marketing

            • Printing and ordering physical copies of your own books

            • Distribution and sale of your books

            • Book's webpage/Facebook site creation for marketing and sales

*Please contact us for details at enquiry AT

Terms and Conditions apply for each publishing option and package.

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