Free E-books and Web-books

The following Ebooks and Notes, produced by SRI Singapore, are free* for personal use.

    1. School Mathematics: Volume 1, Elementary Mathematics for High Schools.

    2. Contains brief review notes, worked examples, and test questions with answers.

    3. [school-maths-vol-1 Link at bottom of page]

    4. Mathematics Formulae and Notes for High-School Students

    5. Appendix extracted from `Integrated Mathematics for Explorers' by Adeline Ng and R. Parwani.

    6. [Get PDF here or download at link below]

    7. Handbook of Mathematics: For Students and Explorers.

    8. In addition to providing reference for the usual topics covered in high-schools and colleges,

      1. this book includes eclectic titbits to stimulate enquiry and investigation. Layout has been optimised for palm-sized screens, but scale-able. Best viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which enables the embedded navigation hyperlinks. [E-HandbookMath2016 Link at bottom of page]

    9. School Mathematics: Volume 6, Real World Applications.

    10. Contains worked examples, and test questions with answers.

    11. [E-schoolmaths-vol-6 Link at bottom of page]

    12. Mathematical Escapades: Volume 1, SRI Mathematics Challenge 2015 Problems and Solutions

    13. [Get PDF here or at link below]

    14. How Technologies Work

    15. (Course Notes, PDF 4MB)

    16. Physics: Volume One. Classical Foundations.

    17. Web-book. Read Online here.

    18. Complexity Book

    19. (Partial Course Notes, PDF 0.9MB)

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