Sri Anthology 3 Contest (ends 31 March 2021)

Answer 3 simple questions below and get a chance to win 3 items:

a cotton canvas tote bag (with SRI brand logo) and

two different books which you can choose from the following SRI publications (book descriptions here):

    1. Sri Anthology Vol.1

    2. Sri Anthology Vol. 1 &2

    3. Little Butterfly Coloring and Story Book

    4. Erebus: Ten Stories

    5. Viral Shapeshifters

    6. Physics, Volume 1

    7. Handbook of Mathematics

    8. Integrated Mathematics for Explorers

    9. Real World Mathematics

    10. Mathematical Escapades, Vol.1

The contest is open to all residents of Singapore aged 18 or above in 2021,

except those involved in the production of the book and their family members.

Winners will be the first 3 correct submissions received before 1st April 2021.

Each winner will get the 3 items mentioned above. The judges reserve the right

to make partial awards if no correct entries are received.