About the Book and Author

Simplicity in Complexity: An Introduction to Complex Systems


How do scientists model crowd behaviour, epidemics, earthquakes

or the internet?

What can we learn from the collective intelligence and adaptability

of an ant colony?

This book answers such questions by highlighting common themes

in the study of complex systems.

Topics covered include self-organisation, emergence, agent-based

simulations, complex networks, phase plane plots, fractals, chaos,

measures of complexity, model building, and the scientific method.

Explanations are simple and concise, with common misconceptions

clarified. Numerous exercises help enthusiasts consolidate their

understanding through peer learning.


About the Author:

Dr. Rajesh Parwani is a scientist specialising in quantum physics and

cosmology. He tested the modules `Simplicity' and `Complexity'

for more than a decade on willing undergraduates in a  multi-disciplinary

programme. This book summarises the content of those experiments.


His other books are Physics(Volume One)Integrated Mathematics for Explorers

(with Adeline Ng)  and Real World Mathematics (with Dr. W.K. Ng).