SRI Creative Writing Contest 2016

    1. This contest is open to all residents of Singapore and Malaysia, aged 15 and above (as of 31 Dec 2016),

    2. who are not family relations of the judges nor of the authors of "Erebus: Ten Stories".

    3. Details are in this file and are repeated below.

    4. The contest has three categories, A, B and C.

    5. You may participate in any one of the categories, or in more than one category,

    6. and you may submit more than one entry in any category.

    7. In Category A, you will be tasked with creating an alternative ending to the story "E.R.I.C." (see Note #2A below).

    8. In Category B, you will be tasked with continuing the story "Locked Drawer" (see Note #2B below).

    9. In Category C, you will create an original story which takes its inspiration from the colour image in the pdf file in point 2 above.

    10. (extracted from the frontcover of the book "Erebus: Ten Stories").

    11. You may participate as an individual or collaborate with others in a team.

    12. Each entry must be typed on MS Word or other plain text files such as LibreOffice, Notepad etc.

    13. (Scanned or photo images and pdf are not admissible).

    14. The word count for each entry must be between 50 and 1200.

    15. Submit your entries as attachments by email to

    16. Indicate "Cat X" or "Cat X and Y", etc. in the Subject field of the email where X=A,B,C indicate the category.

    17. Label each attachment as "yourname-XN" , where X=A, B or C, and N=1, 2, 3... sequentially number your different entries for that category (if you are submitting more than one entry in a category).

    18. For teams, "yourname" would be the contact person in the group.

    19. Include your full name(s) in the body of the email and also a suitable choice of the following declaration:

    20. "I/We declare that the entries submitted here are original creations produced solely by me/us,

    21. and I/we accept the terms and conditions of this contest".

    22. The deadline for submissions is 6pm, 10 Jan 2017, Singapore time.

    23. The judges will vet the submissions and select the better scored entries for subsequent display and voting in the public domain.

    24. The winning entry in each category will be decided by the best aggregate score obtained by the displayed entries from the judges and public votes. (The judges reserve the right not to select any entries in a particular category for display if none reach a threshold score).

    25. The winning displayed entry in each category will be awarded a S$60* voucher exchangeable for books (see book list here).

    26. However, the judges reserve the right to award more than one prize in any category if they so wish. All decisions are final.

    27. SRI Books might also invite selected entries to contribute their submissions for publication in a collection of stories.

    28. The organiser reserves the right to amend these rules at any moment, if circumstances warrant it.

    29. NOTES:

    30. #2A: Choose any point after the dotted line (on page 71) in the story "E.R.I.C" in the pdf file (see point 2 above). Delete all the existing text after your chosen point. Insert your own text after that point to create an alternative ending to the story. Your inserted text must be between 50 and 1200 words.

    31. For reference, for the judges to read your story easily, you MUST also include in your submission the paragraph immediately before your insertion point in boldface (or italics) -- this paragraph will not contribute to the word count.

    32. #2B: You are to continue the story immediately after the existing ending of the story "The Locked Drawer" in the pdf file (see point 2 above). Your continuation must be between 50 and 1200 words.

    33. *For residents of Malaysia, this amount comprises S$40 for books and S$20 for the shipping and handling charges.