SRI Books Coloring Competition

Open to all* residents of Singapore.

Attractive Book Prizes for the Winners!

The What, How and When:

    1. Get a copy of "Little Butterfly: Coloring and Story Book".

    2. Color one of the full-page illustrations from that book. Take a clear picture of your result. (Scan it or use your handphone camera under good lighting conditions).

    3. Submit** the picture of your coloring as a .jpg or .png file to Indicate your full name in the email. You may submit up to 2 entries. Label your entries as your_name_1.png etc.

    4. Submission Deadline: 30 June 2019.

    5. A panel of judges will choose the best original colorings by end of July 2019. The decision of the judges will be final.

    6. Prizes: Winners*** will get to choose their book**** prizes from the SRI Store on Lazada.

    7. First Prize: Any 5 books.

    8. Second Prize: Any 4 books.

    9. Third Prize: Any 3 books.

    10. Other Prizes: Based on the number of entries and their merit, the judges may at their discretion choose more prize winners.

    11. SRI Books reserves the right to make amendments to the rules if the situation calls for it.

    12. *Except family and relatives of the authors, the publisher, and the judges.

    13. **All submissions might be subject to public display on the publisher's web or FB page, with credit to the creators.

    14. ***Winners' entries might be used by the publisher for publicity purposes, with credit to the creators.

    15. ****Specific titles subject to availability at point of choosing, with a limit of 2 copies of the same title per person.