Sri Anthology IV: Short Fiction and Nonfiction

In this fourth collection of short stories, we have more real-life tales for you, some fiction too, and some that straddle the two!

Ms Delight — Brooke Chew — 1

Ah Moi — H Gill — 8

The Large Medium — May Han Thong — 18

Black Forest — Jo Lim — 31

Cosmic Song — Yen-Kheng Lim — 36

Pandemic — Jan Thong — 56

To Be, Or Not To Be —  Rajesh R Parwani — 62

A Marriage Tale — Anya Seth — 72

Fading Years — Jan Thong — 78

I Remember — Rajesh R Parwani — 83

Published by SRI Books Singapore 2022. 96 pages. ISBN: 9798404325546 

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