News Update

Discussions are held at our regular MeetUp

Questions answered on Quora here.

Other Events are listed below.

  1. Book Launch: Physics. Volume One: Classical Foundations
  2. Book Launch: Viral Shapeshifters: Strange Behaviors of HIV and Other Viruses
  3. Year End Book Sale
  4. Launch of SRI Store on Lazada Singapore to complement our own webstore.

  1. Book Launch: Handbook of Mathematics
  2. Book Launch: Solutions Manual: Real World Mathematics
  3. Book Launch: School Mathematics: Volume 6
  4. Book Launch: Mathematical Escapades, Volume 1
  5. Talk on Simplicity in Complexity  at Raffles Town Club, May 28.
  6. Book Launch: Erebus:Ten Stories
  7. SRI Creative Writing Contest

  1. Book Launch: Simplicity in Complexity
  2. Book Launch: Solutions Manual : Integrated Mathematics for Explorers
  3. Book Launch: The School Mathematics Series
  4. Inaugural SRI Mathematics Challenge (June)

  1. Book Launch: Real World Mathematics 
  2. Teacher's Workshop (30th August 2014)

  1. Published Paper: Effects of maximum momentum in deformed quantum mechanics.
  2. Invited talk for SMP programme at LKY School of Public Policy: From Simplicity to Complexity and Back. (June 4 2013) 
  3. Book Launch: Integrated Mathematics for Explorers


  1. Founding of SRI and Simplicityoga
  2. Editorial Board, ISRN Mathematical Physics