Teachers' Resources

Teachers using our books may avail themselves of the following resources:
  1. Free workshops
    We are happy to conduct workshops in your school on themes related to 
    our books. The workshops can range from student enrichment 
    programmes (min 20 participants), 
    to teachers-only sessions 
    (min 10 participants).  
    Kindly contact us  to discuss the possibilities.

  2. Online help (Teachers Only)
    Teachers who need clarification or help in using the material in our books
     for their classes may obtain online support. This service is currently
     free but requires registration. Kindly contact us  for details.

  3. Customised books
    Would you like parts of our current books re-arranged, and integrated 
    with your own material or with some other copyright cleared material? 
    We would be happy to discuss the possibility of creating a new book for 
    your particular needs. 
     Kindly contact us  to discuss the possibilities.

    Thank You !

Rajesh Parwani,
7 Aug 2014, 18:36
Rajesh Parwani,
15 May 2015, 13:37