MasterClasses in Physics and Maths

Question, Explore, Learn, and be Enlightened!

Can you more or less follow your physics and mathematics lessons,
and maybe even do reasonably well in tests, BUT....

  1. Do not really understand what is going on?
  2. Do not see how any of it is useful?
  3. Do not see how the different concepts and ideas are linked?
  4. Are curious to know how the discoveries were made?
  5. Are interested in learning the subject at a deeper, or higher level?
  6. Are interested in research, or the frontiers of the subject?
  7. Are not sure how much of the physics in science fiction movies is based on fact?
  8. Are interested in mathematics puzzle solving and competitions?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then a MasterClass* might just be the thing for you!

The sessions will be conducted by Dr. Parwani, a  theoretical physicist and author
 with decades of research, teaching, and mentoring experience. 

The sessions will be held at a location of your choosing. Size of classes will be limited to 5 persons
to encourage interactivity.
You choose the theme, and ask questions, or let the instructor suggest something !

Physics classes are for those in high school, junior college or University.
Mathematics classes are for those in high school or junior college.

Contact:  enquiry AT or use this contact form.
Please indicate your age, subject choice (maths/physics) and any specific interests/goals.

*Please Note: The MasterClasses are not tuition classes.
Their primary aim is to deepen your understanding and love for the subject.