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Web Resources

  1. Hyperphysics (Basic Concepts in Physics)
  2. Wolfram Alpha (online science resource)
  3. Scilab (Numerical computation software)
  4. Maxima (Symbolic manipulation software)
  5. New Scientist (magazine)
  6. Physics World (magazine)
  7. Physics Update (latest developments)
  8. Physics: Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Unsolved Problems in Physics
  10. Unsolved Problems in Mathematics
  11. Millenium Prize Problems
  12. arXiv (physics research preprints)
  13. Free Science Books/Notes
  14. More free science books
  15. The Meaning of Relativity, by A. Einstein (non-technical version)
  16. An Outline of General Theory of Relativity by A. Eddington (non-technical version)
  17. Physics Resources
  18. Complex Systems Resources
  19. Free Maths and Science Ebooks and Web-books by SRI