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SRI Publications

The publications division of SRI, together with its imprint SRI Books, offers interested parties
various options for publishing  their work as a p-book (the usual kind) or as an e-book:

  1.  Publishing:  You write, we do the rest: 
    We act as a traditional publisher for the work that you author, either on a royalty based scheme, a fixed payment to you, or a combination of both.
    We bear all the production costs.
  2.  Co-publishing:  We co-publish content with you, sharing the production effort and costs.

  3.  Assisted publishing*:  You pay for the production costs. Book will appear under the SRI Books imprint.

  4.  Self-publishing*:  We provide assistance for you to publish your work under your own name or imprint.

  5.  Consultancy**:  We provide support or advice for you to produce and sell your book.
                               Options include:
          • Book layout
          • Cover design
          • Line and Copy editing
          • Proof reading
          • ISBN application and barcode generation
          • E-book creation and distribution 
          • Creation of book preview document for publicity
          • Placement of books on Amazon, Google Play, our SRI Bookstore,
            and other sites and stores.
          • Social Media Marketing
          • Printing and ordering physical copies of your own books
          • Distribution and sale of your books
          • Book's webpage/Facebook site creation for marketing and sales

*Packages and Pricing
  Please contact us for details and enhanced packages.
**Some of the consultancy services are stand-alone, while others are free or paid
    complements to the Paid/Self-Publishing packages.

Do contact us (enquiry AT for a chat if you are interested in writing/publishing
on science, mathematics, language, education, health, fiction, or some other topic that is close
to your heart.

We are also happy to hear from other educators, publishers, distributors, libraries,
book stores, book sellers, and book lovers on opportunities for collaboration.


Terms and Conditions apply for each publishing option and package.

SRI Singapore, 2015.