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Our Public Meetup: What do we know

We provide science and mathematics education and consultancy services to schools and other organisations, including journals.
For schools, we conduct tailored workshops separately for teachers and students.
This includes enrichment courses, and also supervision of research projects.  
Some of our current themes are:
  1. Creative Problem Solving in Mathematics and Beyond
  2. Teaching and learning Mathematics through applications
  3. The teaching of Integrated Mathematics
  4. Teaching and learning Physics through applications
  5. Infinity: In Mathematics and Physics
  6. Einstein's Relativity: Concepts and common misconceptions
  7. Motivating students in a Physics or Mathematics class
  8. Quantum Theory for beginners
  9. Mathematical Modelling
  10. Stress Management and Relaxation Workshop (practice oriented)
  11. Yoga for Health and Fitness (practice oriented)
  12. Simplicity in Complexity
  13. Beginning Research in Mathematics and Science
  14. Conjectures and Theorems in Mathematics
  15. Guiding Research in Mathematics and Science
Please Contact Us for details and a discussion of your needs.