SRI Book Giveaways
We are giving away 49 books on Mathematics, Science, English and Self-Help
to residents of Singapore !
The books are up for grabs in three concurrent Giveaways listed below.
You may sign-up for one or more of the Giveaways that you qualify for,
but each person may submit only one entry per Giveaway.
Giveaway sign-ups end 10 November 2014 (extensions of the end date, if any, will be announced here).
Eligibility: For those aged 13 and above.
Exclusion: Students between 13 and 17 years of age cannot opt 

                    for the iMaths or RWM book here; they should sign-up for

                    these books in the Giveaways (1) or (2) above.

                    However those aged 18 and above can opt for the iMaths 

                    and RWM books here if they wish. 

Sign-up for Make-May-Day Giveaway


List of Titles available for the Make-My-Day Giveaway:
The titles have been selected from the SRI Bookstore. The number at the end
of each title below indicates the maximum number of copies up for grab.


  • The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by D. Carnegie (5)
  •  Flatland by E. Abbott (5)
  •  The Power of Now by E. Tolle (2)
  •  My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles by M. Gardner (5)
  •  The Journey of Man by S. Wells (1)
  •  Famous Problems of Geometry by B. Bold (5)
  •  Mindmaps Handbook by T. Buzan (2)
  •  The Cosmic Landscape by L. Susskind (1)
  •  The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book by G.Polya and J. Kilpatrick (5)
  •  The Undercover Economist by T. Harford (2)
  •  How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by D. Carnegie (2)
  •  The Honest Truth about Dishonesty by D. Ariely (1)
  •  A Brief History of Time by S. Hawking (1)
  •  Integrated Mathematics for Explorers by Adeline Ng and R. Parwani (2)
  •  Real World Mathematics by W.K. Ng and R. Parwani (2)
  •  The Tree of Life by B.K.S. Iyengar (1)
  •  Collins Mini Dictionary (English) (2)
  •  A randomly selected book (we will make the selection) (2)

 Terms and Conditions
 The respective terms and conditions are listed on each Giveaway page next to the sign-up form.

Will be posted on the corresponding Facebook pages.