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School Mathematics Series

The slim volumes in the School Mathematics Series** contain brief
review notes, worked examples, and test questions with answers.

Most of the questions in the first five volumes have been selected
 from the book "
Integrated Mathematics for Explorers".
The material here is at a level suitable for high-school students in
the GCE-O level, IGCSE or IB programmes, or those
in liberal arts colleges.
Topics covered include exponents, logarithms, polynomial equations,
rational functions, simultaneous equations, matrices, coordinate
geometry, plane geometry, trigonometry, differential and integral

About the Authors:
The authors of the series are mathematics educators and enthusiasts
based in Singapore.
**The books in this series are also available from Amazon.com and
Google Play in different formats. You can also view sample pages
at those sites.


  1. Volume 1: Elementary Mathematics for High Schools

  2. Volume 2: More Elementary Mathematics

  3. Volume 3: Additional Algebra for High-Schools

  4. Volume 4: Additional Geometry and Trigonometry

  5. Volume 5: Calculus

  6. Volume 6: Real World Applications