About RWM

About The Book
This book is intended as a resource for those who wish to teach and learn mathematics through real world applications. 
The first part lists exercises which illustrate the use of various concepts and techniques at a level suitable for high schools and liberal arts colleges. Answers and brief notes accompany the questions.
The second part of this book discusses the scientific method, mathematical modelling, and provides the background information for the exercises in the first part.
The Authors
is a theoretical physicist at the Department of Physics, National University of Singapore. He has 
taught a range of modern physics and general education modules, some of which were open to 
high school students. His research interests are in quantum theory, neutrino physics, nuclear
physics education and astrophysics education. He is an elected life member of the Institute of Physics, 
Singapore and Sigma Pi Sigma, USA. 

is a theoretical physicist whose research specialties are quantum theory and cosmology. He 
has  taught university level modules in quantitative reasoning, multi-disciplinary science and physics,
and mentored students from high-school to graduate school. In 2013 he co-authored the book 
``Integrated Mathematics for Explorers". He provides research and 
education consultancy through the  Simplicity Research Institute,  Singapore.