The Book

This book is for mathematics lovers, but if you are not one, we hope you soon will be :).

Although it mainly targets enthusiasts in high-schools (GCE-O A-Maths, IGCSE, IP and IB)
and liberal arts colleges, t
he book is structured to make learning interesting for students
 with different interests and backgrounds.
Practice questions are of various levels of complexity and include many explorations of
real-life situations: They develop understanding, build confidence and examine multiple concepts.
Challenges are included for the adventurous, while Investigations are
suggested for self-study.
The Escapades chapter contains stimulating puzzles to encourage experimentation, a list
of unsolved mathematical problems, and a collection of wonderful theorems.
Included in the book are simple tips on relaxing de-stressing and re-energising to help
keep the reader’s mind sharp.
Join us in exploring the relevance of mathematics to the real world,
its beauty as a subject, the heroes, and enticing open problems!

The Authors
Adeline Ng
is a mathematics lover and explorer. She has used her vast teaching experience, and personally tailored 
curricula, to enable students achieve significant improvement in their mathematics competency and reach 
their maximum potential. She also provides consultancy and training for educational institutes through 
the Cherish Academy in Singapore. 
is a theoretical physicist and mathematics enthusiast who specialises in quantum theory and cosmology. 
He has taught multidisciplinary science and quantitative reasoning modules at university level, and has mentored research students 
from secondary to graduate school. Currently, he provides research and education consultancy through the