This manual contains solutions (no questions) to selected questions
from the book
"Integrated Mathematics for Explorers"
by Adeline Ng and Rajesh R. Parwani:
Detailed solutions to all exercises.
Concise solutions to odd-numbered problems.
Answers to even-numbered problems are online here.
The material here is at a level suitable for high-school students
the GCE-O level, IGCSE or IB programmes, or those in liberal arts colleges.
Topics covered include exponents, logarithms, polynomial equations,
rational functions, simultaneous equations, matrices, coordinate
geometry,  plane geometry, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus.
About the Authors:
Dr. Chee Leong Ching and Ms. Sun Jie are mathematics enthusiasts
based in Singapore.


The Integrated Maths Book together with
the Solutions Manual