Free Mathematics and Physics StayHome Learning Resources by SRI

The Simplicity Research Institute (SRI) is making available the following resources for FREE till May 2020:

Free E-Books (Download Links are at end of this webpage)
1. School Mathematics, Volumes 1 to 6 (PDF File)
    This combined volume covers high-school mathematics. It contains brief review notes, examples with detailed
    solutions, and test questions with answers. Topics covered include: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Real World Applications.

2. Handbook of Mathematics (PDF File)
    All the formulae (and more) needed for high-school mathematics in one compact book.

3. Mathematical Escapades (PDF File)
    Challenging mathematical problems for those who would like to go beyond their school work.

4. An Introduction to Basic Physics Through Technologies (PDF File)
    Discusses how technologies work at the level of high-school and college physics

Free Paperbacks (For Residents of Singapore Only. Application link is below)
The following two paperacks are available free* for residents of Singapore:

1. Integrated Mathematics for Explorers (IME)
216 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 9789810782344
Targets enthusiasts in high-schools (GCE-O A-Maths, IGCSE, IP and IB)
and liberal arts colleges. Includes brief reviews, worked examples, practice questions
at various levels of complexity, and many explorations of 
real-life situations.
Additional challenges are included for the adventurous, while investigations are
suggested for self-study. The escapades chapter contains stimulating puzzles to encourage experimentation, a list
of unsolved mathematical problems, and a collection of wonderful theorems. 
Included in the book are simple tips on relaxing de-stressing and re-energising to help
keep the reader’s mind sharp.

2. Real World Mathematics (RWM)
148 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 978-9810911638
This book is intended as a resource for those who wish to teach and learn mathematics through real world applications.  
The first part lists exercises which illustrate the use of various concepts and techniques at a level suitable for high schools and liberal arts colleges. Answers and brief notes accompany the questions. The second part of this book discusses the scientific method, mathematical modelling, and provides the background information for the exercises in the first part.

*Limited to the first 300 applicants before April 30th 2020 who are residents of Singapore. One free paperback copy (either IME or RWM) per household. Additional copies may be purchased at a discount. Details are in the application form.

Request for your free paperback copy of IME or RWM by filling this form:

Free Book Request Form

Rajesh Parwani,
10 Apr 2020, 23:18
Rajesh Parwani,
10 Apr 2020, 23:18
Rajesh Parwani,
10 Apr 2020, 23:18
Rajesh Parwani,
10 Apr 2020, 23:18