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Erebus - Purchasing options

  1.  SRI Webstore
    (this option is only for residents of Singapore and Malaysia)

  2. Google Play E-book (pdf format)
    (at only USD 0.99 !)

  3. Kindle E-book (Go to respective regions webpage: available in Amazon
    usa, uk, europe, japan, australia, india, brazil etc.  
    If you can access Kindle on Amazon.com, you get the Kindle-book free if you purchase the print book!)

  4. Amazon.com (Paperback. Price is indicated in USD)
    (see possibly cheaper option in item 5 below and the bundle deal in item 3)

  5. SRI Global Store (Paperback. Price is indicated in USD) 
    Book will be printed and shipped from the USA. 
    Identical quality as the book from Amazon (same distributor).
    Use these discount codes to reduce the list price:
    30% off from 29 Nov till 29 Dec 2016.   Code: W8YRM7V5
    25% off till 29 Jan 2017.  Code: BE4JLS65
    20% off till 28 Feb 2017. Code: 8AY9NZSB
    (shipping charges still apply)

  6. BookDepository (Paperback. Price is indicated in USD)
    (available from 20 Dec 2016)

  7. Barnes and Noble (Paperback. Price is indicated in USD)