Our Books

Listed below are books published by the Simplicity Research Institute,
and those by its imprint SRI Books. 

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The books are available from our online SRI Bookstore, other 
webstores and outlets (see below). 
Libraries and schools can also order them using this form.

NEW: Cash and carry options available for residents of Singapore. Visit: 
1. Knowledge Book Centre (#03-35 Bras Basah Complex), or
2. Saint James Bookstore (01-64 Katong Shopping Centre), or
3. Contact 
us at enquiry AT simplicitysg.net for a private arrangement.

Published Books:
  1. Simplicity in Complexity  
    An introduction to Complex Systems

  2. Real World Mathematics
    A resource for learners and educators 

  3. Integrated Mathematics for Explorers
    A text for students and explorers

  4. Solutions Manual: Integrated Mathematics for Explorers 
    Accompaniment to No.3 

  5. Solutions Manual: Real World Mathematics 
    Accompaniment to No.2

  6. Handbook of Mathematics: For Students and Explorers
    A reference

  7. School Mathematics Series
    Concise guide books

  8. Mathematical Escapades
    For adventurers

  9. Erebus: Ten Stories

  10. Physics: Volume One, Classical Foundations
    A concise guide for enthusiasts

  • Projects in Progress: 
    1. Physics  vII <*Working Title of a Physics  book*> tentative date of publication: Dec 2018
    2. Physics  vIII <*Working Title of a Physics  book*> tentative date of publication: Dec 2019

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